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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 22, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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tomorrow is graduation day and their son won't be getting the diploma he worked so hard for. second lieutenant richard collins was stabbed to death over the weekend. >> and it happened while he was vis itting t visiting the university of maryland. he was commissioned two days before he died and he would have graduated tomorrow. just are moments ago goer, rich father says he's still trying to process what happened. >> i'm so focused on taking care of my son, i really haven't had the time to even begin to try to process the actual events. >> darcy spencer kicks off the coverage from bowie state. you spoke with one of richard's professors. what did he
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>> reporter: well, first offer i want to say it was heart glt breaking to hear the words of his father. it's quiet here, and many are focusing on graduation day like you said, and they are thinking about the young man who wouldn't be crossing the stage. last thursday this profession or took this photo. richard collins iii was commissioned second lieutenant in the u.s. army and two days later, he was murdered on the campus of the university of maryland in college park. in what police say may have been a hate crime. >> it was a very exciting moment, it was a major achievement. his father is prior service retired, so it was a generation al success. so richard was extremely proud do this for his family. >> reporter: he would have graduated on
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funeral for a young man with so much promise. he wanted to serve his country. he was assigned to the military intelligence division. his assignment would have been in south korea. >> we'll miss him, we'll miss him terribly. but he has left a mark on this institution and we'll continue to honor him, continue to prayer f pray for his family and continue to try to move through this. >> reporter: his parents are too heart broken to speak on camera. this pastor spoke to news4 about how this has devastated the family. >> the family is in shock. we can't believe that this is happening. all our hearts are broken. we're just looking for answers for this senseless act of violence that has taken place. we don't understand it at all.
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>> reporter: a vigil is being held this evening at 7:00. the suspect in the case made his first court appearance today in upper marlboro and that's where we find tracee wilkins. >> reporter: sean urbanski's attorney wanted to make the case that his client was drunk that night, he cited media reports saying that he was intoxicated and that perhaps this was the reason he behaved the way he good. he was asking the judge to allow urbanski to be in his parent's custody saying that he would do the right thing once at home with his parents. but the judge said that he is an absolute threat and decided to keep him in court. now, today the judge said that they were concerned about sean urbanski being held without bond despite his defense attorney's request to release the university of maryland student to the custody of his parents. this after urbanski is charged in the stabbing and k
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collins iii. today at the bond hear, his mother and father left without any comments and at one point his mother opened an umbrella to block the media. police say urbanski approached collins and gloond glademanded e out of the way. when i did not, he stabbed him. there are questions whether this was a hate crime after it was revealed that urbanski was following a white supremacist group on facebook. the state attorney had this to say about those allegations and how it will impact the case moving forward. >> we are not even close to concluding that this is a hate crime until we have concluded our homicide investigation and after that, we'll look at everything he we have and make an intelligent determination whether it is a hate crime. >> reporter: i asked the question are these officials concerned about the possibi
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supremacist group operating on the university of matter arylan pus. and what the state's attorney said is that right noud their focus is solely on the conviction of urbanski and gathering the evidence for that and again that the hate crime part of all of this is secondary right now. they are also saying that they understand citizens of the county having concerns about this, something that the university will continue to look into. join us at 5:00 for another liver repo live report. >> jurged just an awful loss. talk about a big set back for the purple line. today a federal judge ruled that the project needs more study before it can go forward. specifically the judge is concerned about the negative impact of metro's falling ridership. the judge says the federal government hasn't weighed that heavily enough in its projections. the purple line is
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system that would connect bethesda and new carrollton. over to storm team 4 now and all of us want to know when this cool damp weather will lift and end. >> yeah, we have team coverage. tom and doug, we're ready for it to start feeling like may again. >> i think that you will have to be waiting a little while longer. wedding w we had the rain and it's damp and dreary outside. >> it's been wet month, too. we've had over 4 inches of rain in washington. the monthly average is 3.99. so we're already above that and more on the way. >> and of course that helps with the ongoing drought situation. no longer a drought, but abnormally dry is getting wiped out. we saw the rain this morning and now the only area down toward southern maryland and southern st. mary's county. that storm system moving
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the atlanta region and parts of the south. all of that rain will make its way our way, too, and we will definitely see more in the way of rain throughout the week now just about every day has some rain chances in there. current temperatures around the area, this is windchills, temperature around 70 in d.c., 71 right now in richmond. average high now 77. we won't see that until the weekend. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. as you plan out your week, remember you can get updates from storm team 4 anytime anywhere. just download the nbc washington app. the other big stories we're watching right now, former national security adviser michael flynn has invoked his fifth amendment protection. his lawyer says he won't comply with a subpoena request for documents related to the russia investigation. the senate intelligence committee requested documents two weeks ago. flynn had asked for immunity before cooperating with
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committee. president trump is continuing his overseas trip in israel. today he met with prime minister benjamin netanyahu reaffirming the strong bond between the united states and israel. president trump also voiced hope that the two countries could work together to defeat isis and i talked about lreviving peace talks. and shattered glass, stolen goods. someone is targeting cars in a quiet neighborhood and there are things that you can do to stay safe. and our crowded highways and constant gridlock. what the future holds for track in our area. making it official, the districts gets its first wegmans. where it is fwhog and tgoing an concerns it's raising. >> and check out storm team 4 and the top stories on our app right on your scree
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in just a few hours, rockville could have smoking in out door areas like sfraunt pre patios. they would join four states and 250 other municipalities that have gone 100% smoke free. the ban would also apply to vaping. the ordinance would cap
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to ban smoking this government buildings, workplaces, even other public areas. a reminder to keep your vehicles locked in loudon county. someone took things out of unlocked cars over the weekend. in two cases the actual vehicles were stolen. the share are rip mieriff says making it easy for thiefs to take their things by leaving the cars unlocked and in some cases leaving the keys in the ignition. >> it's important that you don't leave anything in there certainly not anything valuable that is in sight. but also don't leave your keys in your car where it's almost an invitation to steal your car. >> loudoun county police remind you to keep anything of value out of your car or out of sight like the glove box. if you don't have a garage, police say it's best to try to park under a street light. suburban stores with a massive fan following are
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getting ready to open up 1407 in t shop. the new details emerging about both a new wegmans and a vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills.
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the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
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it's been ruchl mored for months. >> and people can't stop talking about this. wegmans is coming to d.c. the district and developers announced today the store will open as a major tenant when financial giant fannie mae moves out of its headquarters on wisconsin avenue just south of tenley circle. it will be about 80,000 square feet likely won't open until late 2021. so we have three or four years yet. but a lot of neighbors are worried about parking and traffic. >> developer is someone they have worked in this community before. and they are very sensitive to community concerns. and i'm quite confident in a
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things out and make it acceptable. >> it will also have office space. and more exciting news. we know where wawa will open its first location. you can soon buy one of their famous hoagies at 19th street northwest just two blocks north of the k-street corridor. the convenience store will be open 24 hours a day and unlike wegmans, we're hearing that wawa will be opening soon. possibly within the next few months. flash flood watches and warnings in affects in six states. heavy do you know pownpours cau and streams to overflow their banks. in laredo, texas high winds tore down dozens of power li
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13-year-old boy was killed when he came into contact with a live wire. more rain expected to fall in the coming days. and doug, more rain. how saturated will we be? >> pretty saturated. some about about locations 1 to 3 inches by the end of the week. tom kierein will have more on that coming up, but the rain now is out of here and we're dealing with the cloud cover. you can see the clouds sticking around and temperatures haven't been going up all that much. we've been in the 60s most of the day. right now at 70 degrees. winds out of the south at about 7 miles per hour. average high is 77, so we're well below average. take a look at the numbers. down to the south where we saw a little bit ever sof sun, 77. now, the radar showing where the rain is down toward st. mary's county down along
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most of us are dub with the rain. could see a couple showers develop in our western zones especially if you've seen the sun pop out, you may see he a shower or two. but not expecting. here. you can see the showers that came through earlier this morning now mostly off the coast. but take a look at this picture. look at the motion. out of the south way up into canada and right back down. this is a huge upper level low that will sit and spin. and this map is a little different. we have a huge trough of low pressure encompassing the entire eastern two thirds of the nation and that means everybody has been on the cool side here. and over the next couple days, it won't change all that much. the warm weather sdoes you have moo back into the southeast, but we stay cooler flew date on friday before things start to get a little bit warmer. so temps below average through the week. unsettled all week long, too. that means a lot of cloud cover, off and on showers, clouds throughout the week and heavier rain, too. and notice the numbers.
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this map. no 80s at all pup remember last week we were 80s and 90s. no 80s at all in the entire eastern two thirds of the nation at least from this area up to the north. warmest temperatures is raleigh at 79. so future weather for us, what about the rain chances? you notice 5:00, 10:00, about all out of here. tomorrow look how the clouds move right back in ahead of the next storm system. it will be dry early in the day. i think the morning commute will be okay. but here comes noon, notice some shower activity, but they don't move too far north. by 4:00, most of the rain still in our southern zones. but keep the umbrella handy. tuesday night into wednesday morning, and then it moves out and wednesday afternoon once again dealing with the cloud cover. so temperatures the next couple of days held godown because of e
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and storm chances thursday. and memorial day weekend not looking too bad. tracking some rain on sunday. wonlg stone starp's 's emot comeback and one showing she still has it at the age of 71. and this bike end is tweeke unofficial start to summer. and we're working for you with th
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♪ i remember the first time i heard that song and saw the moved have i. talk about a comeback. 20 years after her iconic son from titanic dominated pop culture, celine dion takes the stage. >> and ken hoover of access hollywood joining us live. and we had selene oig and cher. it was as big a night for the legends as it was for the newer artists. >> right? huge night for the awards. they stole the show. arle arlene in an dez was
4:25 pm
♪ >> one of the best. >> i love her dress there. admiration, appreciate for celine dion back stage and cher who turns 71 on saturday. that is impossible. she rocked the stage. she got the icon award. and then celine dion also brought the house down. ♪ my heart will >> what did it feel like being up there for the 20th anniversary of performing it now? >> i can't believe it's been 20. so that said it right there. >> i think we were all crying thinking about wanting her heart to go on after she lost her husband. and then drake got up there and made billboard history winning 13 awards. so hope you liked it. i thought it was an all-star night. >> took me right back to 1997
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what have you got coming up on access tonight? >> we have great stuff. we're talking about the royal wedding, pippa middleton, amy favorite part is apparently the best man gave a hysterical toast. love a wild card. >> anything to keep them on edge. looking forward to that. countdown to summer is on. we're putting sunscreens to the test. everything you need to know to save money and protect your skin before you head to the beach. i don't have to tell you de d.c. notorious for its traffic. which parts of th
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now at 4:30, making a change. the former ms 13 member trying to erase his violent part. the mistakes he opens others can avoid and why his wife with and daughter gave him new perspective. a city of gridlock. why traffic in our region will get worse over the next several years and how much more time you can skekt to expect to be waiti traffic. and this weekend marks the unofficita
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we're working for you to make sure you and your family have the right sunscreen. i never mentioned the word or name israel. >> president trump raised a few eyebrows today in jerusalem when he brought up the subject of the intelligence he shared with russian diplomats in the oval office. the president insisted he never said the intelligence was from israel. the reporting did not say the president mentioned israel, but his comments today appeared to confirm the source was israel. jerusalem is the second leg of his first overseas tour and he would be traveling all week. >> his team is pushing hard to push his budget already facing major criticism. blayne alexander has new details. >> reporter:
4:31 pm
already calling this robinhood in reverse. keep in mind this is just a proposed budget, it will be revealed tomorrow. but if it's passed, it throughs some major cuts that could take a huge toll on some of the nation's poorest americans. a warm welcome today for president trump in israel as part of his first official trip overseas. while back on the washington home front, the president's team is not getting a similar reception for his budget blueprint. vice president pence on capitol hill today meeting with a small group of gop lawmakers ahead of the budget rollout tomorrow. already some pushback against a proposed massive $800 billion cut to medicaid, a move that could leave nearly 10 million people without health insurance over the next decade. >> i think this would be very devastating for the lowest income people. >> reporter: but experts say this version of the budget not likely to pass. >> house republicans came out with the builder
4:32 pm
have seen the very negative reaction it's received around the country and are not likely going to adopt this. >> and still looming the ongoing russia investigation taking a new turn. michael flynn who lost his job for lying about his ties to russia now invoking his fifth amendment right refusing to turnover documents subpoenaed by the senate. >> this is the guy who claimed no one would ever ask for immunity who had committed a crime and now he's asking for immunity. it speaks for itself. >> reporter: meanwhile paul manafort and roger stone have turned over documents to the senate intelligence committee as part of the are russia investigation. and today one republican senator from the intelligence committee tweeted out that it is mike flynn's right to invoke the fifth adding we will get to the truth whatever it takes. back to you. >> blaiyne alexander. and lester holt is in jerusalem yo a
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edition of "nightly news" at 7:00 right after news4 at 6:00. if you're planning to vote next month in the virginia primary, time is running out to register. you have a few options, but you need to get it done today. you can fill out an application on the virginia department of elections website before midnight. that is your best bet. you can also register in person, but take hhat has to be done in feks next 20 minutes. or you could mail it as long as it is postmarked by today. there are several candidates seeking nomination on the republican side including frank wagner, corey stewart and ed gillespie. in the democratic race, ralph northrup is on the priballot. we have posted a link to register online. just search virgi
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your daily commute. transportation planners say it will get worse. and they are not optimistic about solutions to the problem. the national capital regents transportation 34r57bing board recently put out these projections. they say the population in our region is expected to increase 23% by the year 2040. jobs will increase by 29%. all that adds up to a 74% increase in traffic on area roadways. overall, the average delay per trip is expected to increase from 16 to 21 minutes. in inner suburbs, the delay will go from 13 to 19 minutes. in the outer suburbs, delay will jump from 23 to 33 minutes. and look around the delays around the district arlington and alexandria, from 27 to 37 minutes. now, 34r57bers say to fix this problem, you need
4:35 pm
housing where the jobs are. and that includes creating affordable housing near metro stops. as well as creating denser development. but planners admit that things like the height he restrictions here in d.c. could prevent this kind of development from taking shape. we're working for you to get you ready for summer. and make sure you don't get burned by sunscreen. consumer reports has been doing expert test to go find out which locations and sprays offer the best protection. susan hogan has details. >> reporter: if you think all sunscreens are created equal, think again. for the fifth year in a row, consume are reports found in a some about sun screens don't live up to the protections promised on their labels. in fact of the 58 products, 20 tested at less than half their spf number. one brand inthat did very well from
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three are listed as best buys. that yeah equate spf 50 and also the sport. >> also best buys are trader joe's which got a perfect score in our rating. >> reporter: and remember to put it on 15 to 30 minutes before going out and rye eapply it eve two hours. let me help you out. >> thank you, susan. if you're heading outdoors over the memorial day weekend, make sure you have the right inspect repellant, as well. tomorrow susan hogan explains which bug spray is best at avoiding the bites. the calendar may say may, but it sure didn't feel like it. it's too cold and damp out there. we're working for you with a look at how much longer the dreary weather will stick around. and we're bringing you the latest
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♪ in may so far, we've had over 4 inches. mostly total is 3.99, so we're over that. the rain is pulling off to the east and pulling away. a few thundershowers far southeastern virginia, those are moving away. temperatures are rebounding, it's up near 70 around the metro area. hour by hour into the evening, mild and dry. a pleasant evening coming up until 11:00, we'll be back down to the mid-60s be. then near 60 by dawn tomorrow and showers return. we'll have a look at that and your memorial day weekend forecast for the beaches and mountains in a few minutes. across maryland, thousands of snt
4:41 pm
important test this week called the partnership for assessment of readiness and college careers. or parcc. new this year, 10th graders have to pass english and algebra, before students were only required to take the exam to graduate. walt w4ihitman lost their top ranking due to low parcc schools. the prib says some students didn't take the test seriously. flori florida sfloo learning from mistakes. you'll hear in a former gang member whose life is committed to that after leading a violent life of ms 13. why he says his past may never escape him. >> i was more fearful for my daughter than an yt
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police are ramping up their efforts to fight the growing gang problem in our area and ey
4:45 pm
prevention and intervention. >> david culver sat down with a former member of ms-13 who is hoping his life can be a lesson for young people. >> reporter: for list safety, his family's safety, we kbts tell you his name or show you his face or even reveal where we interviewed him but we met a man whose background would make you cringe. and eats wohe's working to shed past. to some they are markings of belongings. to others ownership by a crime ridden gang. here they are removed spot by 1309. it's painful. >> every one will feel like a really nasty rubber band slapping you. >> reporter: the doctor asked we not show her face, among those here vol unit tearing her time, helping former gang members erase a past
4:46 pm
>> when i look back to everything, it's like a big dream. >> reporter: for a man who spent near areally a decade on the streets, gang tattoo removal was the last step before moving on. if i were to look at you today and you were to tell me about your history without me having seen a file, i wouldn't believe it. >> yeah, most people say that. >> reporter: his identity we're keeping hidden for his own safety. he admits the life led one of violence. >> the brutal attack allegedly carried out by ms-13 members. >>en an unsealed federal indictment gives us new insight into this raid. >> reporter: kidnappers, brutal assaults, murders, all on the rise within northern virginia gangs, among them ms-13. >> what initially brought you into the gang lifestyle, what with attracted you to it? >> it's not what attracted me, it's just how i got sucked in. >> reporter: a lure that he says gi
4:47 pm
after years of that lifestyle, he witness what had was happening to his so-called friends. >> mostly everybody i knew was either doing time or dead. >> reporter: he did some jail time himself. and then wanted a different life. >> what made you want to get out? >> reporter: the biggest thing is when i met my wife. she changed my world. if it wasn't for her, i'd probably be in jail right now. >> reporter: a husband and now a father which brought him here. through a program offered free of charge, he's having the gang tattoos removed. for him, it was for his family's safety. >> my biggest fear was taking my daughter to a park and catching the wrong person. and even though i'm not doing anything, my at that time due something. shll
4:48 pm
to have access to the enter neither. she's going to know what i was.. she's going to know what i was. >> reporter: rich is a according are nature tore, he helps those determined to find a new path. >> they are with us for quite a while so we get to know them. we get to noknow their families. and it is almost like family. and it's really a pure joy to know these guys. >> reporter: this former gang member considers himself lucky knowing that getting out is not easy. for some, it's impossible. his warning to young people? >> i would just honestly say that you're going to throw your life away. that's what you do. you're throw yourg liing your l. >> how determined are you to kee keep your kids from that lifestyle? >> 100%. >> you heard david mention that kids are being targeted in midd
4:49 pm
to a place in our area that kids know simply as the center. it's where for at least a few hours a day, it may hold the key to stopping kids from joining these kind of gangs. >> fascinating story. nbc 4 responds to a man who realized he couldn't order groceries online and have them delivered to his house. also what is coming up in our next hour. >> busy hour at 5:00. susan hogan uncovered big news today for the more than half million people in d.c., maryland and virginia who use the snap program that used to be known as food stamps. >> we'll tell you when and where the government is going to launch a new pilot program. also new at 5:00, pat collins is getting to the bottom of a story in this video, two guys try to force their way into a place in northwest d.c. >> yeah, the man at the door refuses and both sides pull out a
4:50 pm
after. >> we'll see you coming up at 5:00. >> and we understand you two have some news of your own tonight. >> that's right, we're running out of fingers, we're celebrating 10 years on news4 at 5:00. >> and i have to tell you, it actually feels like 20. >> and on me it looks like 40. >> that's what people say when they have been with me for 10. feel like i've been with you for 100 years. >> happy anniversary, you guys. let's turn now and take a look at our weather. it's still cloudy and cool out there. what will the night be like? >> are sounds like we have for keep our umbrellas handy. >> for that anniversary dinner for the two of them, might be a little wet. but we have rain coming not just for the nekxt few days, but pro. of the week. >> and everybody is thinking about the memorial day weekend. we'll take a look at the
4:51 pm
of cloud cover. we've seen a couple of breaks of sun here and there. 70 degrees winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. temperatures 74 in centreville, only 69 around mt. vernon,ing 66 in beverly beach. cann eton at 68. so fairly cool for this time of year. again 70 is great, but this time of year we're running 5 to 10 xwris below average. no rain in our immediate area. we are still tracking some shower activity down toward the eastern shore here down forward salisbury towards ocean if i. b city. but the rest of us are on the dry side. but we're watching the area of moufrp do moisture down to south. a lot of that will move our way during the day tomorrow. so let's take you through and show you the planner. most of early tomorrow will be dry. 7:00 a.m. nice and mild, 62. 65 by noon. we'll start to see showers in th
4:52 pm
and then a chance for showers around 4:00 on. but the bulk of the rain moves in after 7:00 tomorrow night into early wednesday. definitely going to be a werwet time period. and then we get towards memorial day weekend, inland 82 on saturday, 77 sunday. 80 on monday. but memorial day weekend, we're only worried about shours on sunday. all in all looking pretty good. >> yeah, it will be quite a bit of a give between the mountains and beaches. whaend y and you can track it all with the nbc washington a.m. see the latest storm team 4 forecast and storm team 4 radar. at the beaches for the three day weekend coming up saturday, sunday and monday, saturday looks really nice. partly sunny, temperatures in the mid-70s right there at the beaches. but then sunday with an northeasterly wind, cooler with occasional showers. and monday, we rebound back in about to the mid-70s and partly sunny. so overall pretty good for the
4:53 pm
a lot of people head to the mountains, get in some hiking and take some cooler air there, too. it will be a bit cooler. saturday, partly sunny into the low 70s. maybe a few morning sprinkles on sunday. otherwise it will start to dry out a little bit there in the mountains sunday afternoon. and only in the mid-60s though those higher elevations. and then monday looking beautiful in the mountains, too. partly sunny there with temperatures into the low 70s. overall pretty good weekend coming up breaches and mountains. >> we'll continue of course tracking the forecast for you. and what we'll continue to watch for is the temperatures coming up towards the weekend at least in the interior. 82 coming in on saturday. again, cool 68 tomorrow with with that shower activity late tomorrow night, most of wednesday is dry. heavier rain coming in on thursday. friday, 75, an isolated shower chance. and then again memorial day weekend, you will not need the jackets here, but beaches and mountains, a good idea
4:54 pm
the sweat shirt handy. an embattled comedian gets his day in court. one of the most watched trials in years getting under way. could bill cosby spend "to ym went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
4:57 pm
the former school aide who pleaded guilty to exploiting students found otherwise his sentencing date. a federal judge set it for late august. he could gets as many as 100 years behind bars. the trial supposed to start in mid-july and that comes with the potential for an additional sentence. right now jury selection is under way in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. >> it had to be moved from philadelphia to pittsburgh bee
4:58 pm
media coverage there. but as chris pollone report, lawyers are still having problems finding jurors without an opinion. >> reporter: as bill cosby looked on, a judge questioned 100 potential jurors monday who night decide his fate. >> he's holding up fine. >> reporter: cosby is charged with three counts offing a xwra valtsed in-decent assault stemting from a 2004 encounter with andrea constand. >> finding people that haven't formed an opinion either because of their perception of mr. cosby as a television father or based on the multi ttude of allegatio will be difficult. >> reporter: more than 50 women have accused cosby of inappropriate contact over deca from gloroping to rape. bill cosby denies it all and says any contact was consensual. last wee
4:59 pm
>> don't you want to testify and tell your story? >> no. >> reporter: but jurors are expected to hear cosby's words from a 2006 deposition in a civil case he settled with constand in which cosby said he gave her three ben inadryl pill before touching her. chris pollone nbc news. right now at 5:00, a murder investigation on a local college campus. a student from bowie state is killed while visiting the university of maryland at college park and now we have some new developments in the case. from the investigation into a possible hate crime to the suspect's court appearance today to the reaction by students on campus and for the first time the murdered student's father. >> i'm in no place to feel very many
5:00 pm
just a deep sense of personal loss. >> and that is our top story. two schools in our area hurting tied together by a killing and a murder investigation. >> a university of maryland student accused of stabbing and murdering a bowie state student today suspect christopher urbanski is in court charged with mush arder and assault. urbanski follows a white supremacist group on facebook so the fbi is investigating the case as a hate crime. >> darcy spencer will tell us more about the promising young man who lost his life. but we'll begin this afternoon with tracee wilkins who is in upper marlboro. >> reporter: today in court sean urbans urbanski's attorney says he has no criminal record, has never done any twronk, says he is not a flight risk and asked the judge to release h


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